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    A Nurse (female or male) who is interested in making a career in Germany
    Areas of Applications

    Due to the low birth rate, Germany is already approaching big demographic change i.e., aging problem. Therefore, there is a huge demand in the healthcare sector and nursing is one of the most demanded fields. According to (Skills Gap Analysis ) there is approx. 81% shortage in the nursing area alone in Germany. 

    Nurses are in charge of taking care of patients, controlling and monitoring them, and giving them the right advice in order to keep them healthy. When nurses are working with the doctors, they usually assist the doctors during the operations for example and prepare the patients before and after the operations and follow up with them based on the doctor's instructions. 

    General Job’s Requirements:

    • Recognized professional qualifications 
    • Very good German in speaking and writing i.e., minimum B1 and better to be B2-C1 
    • Health certificate: usually it is provided by hospitals and doctors to assure that you are both mentally and physically fit the job
    • A police-clearance certificate issued in Germany

    Places to work as a nurse in Germany:
    • University Hospitals e.g., Düsseldorf Hospital
    • Hospitals
    • Clinics  

    Nurses Salaries in Germany:

    According to [1], nurses can earn in Germany between 2.348 € and 3.303 € that depends on the qualifications and years of experience, and specialty