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    As JavaScript Developer who is interested in making a career in Berlin

    Areas of Applications

    JavaScript web engineers are developing web applications including but not limited to: e-commerce,  content management systems, email systems, word processors, spreadsheets, etc. In Berlin, many companies are using JavaScript to develop applications as a service or to develop internal applications within the company. Therefore, there are many opportunities for you to find your ideal job in Berlin.

    Job Qualifications for JavaScript Developers in Berlin

    Ideally, you should have a degree in computer science. In case you don't have a degree, some companies accept applicants with vocational training as well. The requirements for positions vary from company to another. This is particularly true as the language can be used for both backend and frontend applications. 

    Frontend/Backend JavaScript developers are required to have knowledge of the following:

    1. Expertise in JavaScript
    2. JavaScript frameworks such as react and angular
    3. Node.js 
    4. Linux/Unix commands 
    5. XHTML/CSS3 
    6. SQL / NoSQL Database knowledge

    JavaScript Developers Salaries in Berlin:

    Due to huge demands, JavaScript developers are considered to be one of the best-paid jobs when compared to the average salary in the country. According to [1], JavaScript developers can earn between 3.285 € and 4.576 € monthly salary in Berlin

    Companies that are looking to hire JavaScript developers in Berlin

    There are many companies that are looking for JavaScript developers. Below are some of those companies in Berlin:

    1. Atos 
    2. Zalando 
    3. Accenture 
    4. Adesso AG 
    5. KPMG 
    6. Stack exchange inc 
    7. Amadeus fire

    The usage of JavaScript programming language by companies in Berlin:

    We have done an analysis of thousands of jobs in Berlin to figure out how much Java is used by the companies in Berlin. JavaScript is the fourth most used programming language by the companies.