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    About Cologne

    Did you choose a job in Köln? Are you looking for a job that suits your professional profile and qualifications? If you are looking for a job in Germany, the best way to find work is the internet. shows you ways to find the right employer for you in Köln.

    Recent areas of growth include telecommunications, high-tech manufacturing, automotive, banking, and tourism. So there are many choices. A bachelor's or university degree is an important step in getting a high-paying job in Köln, and wages are commensurate with that.

    Minimum wage and average wage

    The national minimum wage in Köln is 9.5 euros per hour and 1779 euros per month. These figures are expected to be revised in January 2020. Wages are below the average in Köln for several different jobs.

    Average Salary in Köln

    The average salary in Köln is 55,762 euros. All information is based on survey (76 individual bills). The average profit of a house is 35,702 euros. The typical salary is 52,792 euros. The recorded gross salary list is: Engineer- 58,385 Euros, Human resource- 55 500 euros, Project Manager- 42,550 euros, Managing Director- 42,550 euros, Manager- 102 500 euros, Program Manager- 64 250 euros, The leading developer- 59 886 euros, Doctor- 57,500 euros, Software development- 43,000 euros etc. 

    The leading income sectors in Köln

    Doctoral students enjoy the highest average gross salary in Köln. With the promotion, they collected € 74,833. While workers with Bellows H. education earn the lowest income with an average gross income of 27,500 euros. This is 158.24% lower than what graduate students get.

    Workers in Köln with several years of professional experience outperform their colleagues with less experience. Employees with more than 20 years of professional experience to get a gross average of € 96,800, compared to € 33,366 for their colleagues with 0 to 1-year of professional experience. The difference between employees with more than 20 years of professional experience and 0-1 years is 221.68%.

    The average salary in Köln can be very different depending on the line of work. Construction and labor have the highest average gross wages (€ 105,000), followed by finance and banking (99,250 €) and cars (77,250 €). Lower average gross salary in Köln is related to real estate (€ 20,000) and customer service position (€ 25,000). The difference between the highest and lowest paid fields is 366.38%.

    What is the work environment like in Koln, Germany?

    In Köln, you should expect 38 hours of work per week and at least 18 rest days per year. German companies are hierarchical. The typical German work culture is based on carefully planned tasks and decisions made according to real facts. Meetings are efficient and always work according to a strict agenda and fixed schedule, which is always adhered to. German accuracy is not just a stereotype. Delay is considered as a sign of neglect. Germans communicate very directly and explicitly; you will not hear the small talk. Personal and professional life are always separate matters, and any independent discussion is not usually appreciated.